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Since its first debut in the year 1992, TCE TACKLES Sdn Bhd has soon developed into a local leading company in the fishing tackle industry. Having gained experience from the constant change in business boundaries and rapid development of technology, we finally grow into the nationwide wholesaler, exporter, retailer and even an importer for fishing tackles. Kudos to the anglers all over the world who have put their trust in TCE TACKLES for equipment that delivers our innovation and creativity.

We are proud to have 136 showrooms in MALAYSIA and 1 showroom in Singapore. Besides the prominent brands such as Tomman, Fire Eagle, Xpuyu, Ajiking, Bakau, Shinju, Ikan Toman, Tcamp, GL, BJ.Dive, Big Cat, VIP Access, Blue Eye, international famous brands especially Banax, Strike pro, St. Croix, Okuma, Eagle Claw, DAM, Momoi and Ocean Sun. help to build up a great recognition for TCE TACKLES.

We always adhere to our slogan “TEAM WORK & BEST SERVICE GUARANTEED” as our motivation to harvest the greatest credit and round of applause from our supporters. We have been maintaining an active product development and improvement to strive for the highest level of achievement in our career. Hence, be confident that we are worth of your choice! We are confident that our products could meet your demands of fishing tackles and our service would satisfy you.

TCE TACKLES Sdn Bhd is driven by the core values and ethics in business, our employees demonstrate a commitment to our customers and fishing community in our operation. As a token of appreciation, we promise to provide our customers the proficiency and tools required to keep pace in a quickly-evolving marketplace.

Since we have cultivated a supportive environment treating each other with mutual respect and understanding to accelerate the product improvement, we cordially welcome our customers or supporters to share their experience, information and comment with us. In view of future, we believe that generation after generation of anglers whom we have served will enjoy the fruits of our effort and the thrill of the fishing sport.


When it comes to innovative, complex and mission-critical systems integration tasks, we have satisfied even the most demanding clients. We guide our customers through the planning, design and implementation of proven, innovative custom or packaged solutions that will achieve their business objectives. Our management was still searching for just the right product mix to ensure its continued growth.

Best quality products value and good service have carried forward our success. We will live by our values, have fun, and take pride in what we do. Our values are to maintain a work environment where our employees enjoy coming to work, to serve our guests and exceed their expectations, and to be profitable and result oriented.

We will treat customers and distributors with honesty, courtesy and respect. We will respect and preserve the environment. Through all of this we will prove to be the worldwide leader in fishing industry trade. On the same time, we have went through a new and long term business relationships, deliver quality products and value added solutions with integrity to result in being the supplier of choice in all of our served markets.

To better understand those choices and opportunities, our company mission is focusing on the development of new products and our core products markets such as fishing gear, diving equipment, camping gear and other accessories. During this year, our approach is to begin to develop a comprehensive and integrated global core value for our valued customer, supplier, international clients and distributor.

“If you don’t set your goals based upon your Mission Statement, you may be climbing the ladder of success only to realize, when you get to the top, you’re on the WRONG BUILDING”.


Leading reliable and innovation

Creativity and Co-operation

Ethical and loyal to our clients

Provides quality products, services and networking


TCE can be defined as the combination of Technology, Customer satisfaction and Excellent service. TCE TACKLES is committed mainly to meeting the needs of customers with advanced technology fishing tackles. It is our first priority to raise our commitment to customer experience and service by allocating our service teams not only in showrooms throughout Malaysia, but also outlets abroad. Hence, we set the target to expand our business by increasing outlets as many as possible.

Since we have built up a significant reputation among the fishing tackle industry, it is part of our obligations to maintain the satisfactory feedback and improve the quality of products and services. In order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency at work, we therefore practise the Win-win solution in our dealings with our customers, team workers, buyers and vendors.

Every employee is appreciated by the company for their effort contributed. They are treated equally with concern, caring and respect as well as their passion delighting our valued customers.

By the way, we seek to boost up our customer satisfaction rate and loyalty metrics by:

  • Listening carefully to their needs
  • Assisting customers to identify their objectives
  • Defining available resources to fulfill their requirements
  • Offering appropriate solutions to solve their problems
  • Clarifying the strengths and weaknesses of options
  • Helping customers to implement their chosen solutions.


TEAM stands for “Together Everyone Achieves More”. In TCE TACKLES, we are steadfast in our slogan “Team Work & Best Service Guaranteed” as we believe joint effort contributes to great success. Hence, we emphasize on teamwork to achieve the common goal.

In order to carry out duty sufficiently and provide excellent service, our company has created a strong pool of team players by conducting a series of training program to them. We attempt to develop a long-term business relationship with our commercial clients.

TCE TACKLES Pro Fishing Team

On the other hand, we have formed the Pro Fishing Team consisting of professional and experienced personnel. Having the congregated years of experience, our fishing team has contributed in the progress of our fishing tackles. They have enriched our fishing knowledge and brought with prominence through the organization of fishing trips and participation in fishing contests. By-the-by, their observations and comments on fishing tackles become an important guidance to product improvement.

As the saying goes, “No man is an island!” Obviously, team spirit is essential in attaining a triumphant goal of a team. Through the unity of TCE TACKLE staff, we are proud to declare ourselves as an outstanding customer service driven team!

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TCE TACKLES has sailed through its hardships years after years. Well, as the saying goes, “No Pain No Gain”. It is impossible to succeed without putting in effort as there is no such thing as free lunch in this world. The utmost effort finally bears fruits. Since its debut in the year of 1992, TCE TACKLES has reaped its fine harvest from the fishing tackle industry. Several business awards have been officially presented to TCE TACKLE for its great contributions to the fishing community.

TCE TACKLES became the first fishing tackle company who won the greatly desirable SME Golden Bull award in 2005 organized by Nanyang Group. It is an annual event dedicated to give due recognition to the outstanding achievements of the Malaysian SMEs. However, we never withhold our effort creating more visibility for our success.

We emerged as the Diamond Winner of the Business Summit Award Malaysia 2007 in the category of Sports & Leisure Equipment. Needless to say, an award is an acknowledgment of honour which motivates TCE TACKLES to move forward. By holding our mission firmly, we take the responsibility to provide good quality of fishing tackles and satisfying customer service to our supporters.

Due to its rapid progress in fishing tackle industry and speedy expansion of business, TCE TACKLES has shone through the local and even the ASEAN marketplace. Finally, it gained the Malaysia Independence Award 1957 in year 2009 as the Star Company for the main core business of importing, exporting, wholesaling and retailing in fishing products.

We are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded Malaysia 100 Excellent Enterprise 2018 in Golden Eagle Awards 2018, one of the most trusted and prestigious local business awards in Malaysia. The award ceremony is organized by Nanyang Siang Pau aims to honor the best of Malaysian businesses by giving them due recognition for their hard-earned success and outstanding achievements.

We feel thankful heartily to all the supporters from the angling world for the continuous supports. It is definitely an honour to be recognized for our unremitting efforts in improving the product quality and serving the communities sincerely. TCE TACKLES Sdn Bhd will not rest on its laurels and will carry on with its utmost beyond the present achievement



The growth of TCE TACKLES is a result of constant improvement and rapid development of technology. We apply advanced technologies and modern business practices which allow us to build up business networking proficiently and effectively. Nowadays, we have 115 established showrooms in MALAYSIA and 1 showrooms in Singapore.

Our company is expanding the business opportunities in fishing tackles globally. We believe that with our well-trained personnel could better meet the needs of our growing clients worldwide. Besides from handling sales, our personnel are expected to have expertise in fishing field to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. TCE TACKLES is also constantly improving its competitive performance in fishing tackles industry.

Through our well established network which enables our customers have an immediate access and easy way to view our full range of products without the hassle of traveling the distance. It is essential for all levels of our organization to strive for excellence and continual improvement in quality, maintaining our competitive edge and based on our latest global technologies in the creation of the most advance solutions, we aim to turn our products into benchmarks for the entire industry and offers networking connectivity solutions that make networks perform better, faster and more reliable while helping companies leverage their existing networking infrastructure. We believe that assembling the right team of people is critical to a successful business.

Award Winning